Sunday, February 12, 2012

As many of you know, I have been a private math tutor since April 2000.  Over the years I have worked with local students in their homes and libraries and have also worked with students from all over the country through online chat, webcam and phone.  During this time, I have seen many textbooks which students simply cannot understand on their own.  The instructors should help assist these students, but many times, particularly with online classes, the students are left to figure mostly everything out on their own.  I often thought of writing self help books on mathematical topics.  A few friends have mentioned similar things to me over the years.  Last year I was working with a student to help him brush up on his algebra skills. He bought the "Algebra For Dummies" book.  We worked through this book  and to both of us it seemed to be lacking in organization. For instance, a very basic equation such as x + 2 = 4 was near the middle of the book, while more difficult topics on factoring, for instance, we closer to the beginning. This did not make sense. Furthermore, the answer key in the back of the book gave explanations on how to solve the easier problems, but many of the more difficult problems contained only the answer. This again seemed quite backward to us.  That is when I decided to take a shot at writing a self help math book.   Several months later, through the help of a friend who has some books published and a talented artist who created my cover design for me, I self published my first book, "Algebra Simplified Basic and Intermediate".   I thought writing the book would be the hardest part, but as I am finding out, it's marketing the book that is the most difficult. I have posted the link to the book on Facebook, on math forums, contacted high school guidance counselors and a university professor that I know, as well as some friends to help promote the book.  In the meantime, I am in the process of writing the next book, more intermediate and advanced topics seen in a high school algebra course.   The front cover of the book is showed below.  If anyone is interested in the book or know anyone that might be interested,  you can find the book as an ebook as a pdf file and as a paperback at

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