Thursday, August 21, 2014

With school underway next week or this week for some students, it's important to review material from the previous year. Math is one subject that builds upon previous material. Suffer in something previously and you'll probably struggle in the next class, particularly when it comes to algebra, even sometimes in statistics. We tend to use many of the basics in all math classes. So just be sure to review and if you run into trouble in your math class or have children that run into trouble, get a reliable tutor. Most schools will have a list of tutors. If not, you can find some online on various websites. Or you can consult me, as I've been tutoring for over 14 years now.


  1. I remember back when I was in high school that's when Algebra was taught. Now it seems Algebra is taught as early as the 6th grade. I was shocked back when my daughter started bringing that home for homework. Thankfully she had a lot of friends who were good at math because I wasn't a lot of help after algebra.

  2. Yes the very basics in algebra are taught that early. In fact, I read that children are capable of learning higher mathematics at a very young age but just aren't presented the material that young or taught the correct way. If children can learn algebra now young, they could have been when you were in high school too.